How to change the size of a LaTeX equation in wordpress

Here’s how to change the size of a LaTeX equation in WordPress

First of all, here’s how you write an equation in LaTeX. Directly in your wordpress blog editor, under the “Text” tab, simply type in the following…
$latex x^2$

This will give you an equation that looks like this:

As it looks small and ugly, you might ask yourself, “self, how can I make the latex equation larger in my WordPress blog?”.

If you go to the docs you’ll probably type in something like this (where you replace X by some number, e.g., X=4).
$latex \LaTeX&s=4$

Unfortunately, you will get an ugly yellow and red error saying, “Formula does not parse”.

Gah! So how do I get the formula to parse? Simple, instead of using the ampersand sign directly, you have to type in & like this,
$latex \LaTeX&s=4$

To give you this,

Note that the \huge option does not seem to work. Also note that for some reason there can not be a space between the \LaTeX and the &, but this spacing doesn’t seem to matter for other equations.

Let’s try our original equation… Type in
$latex x^2 &s=4$

To show,

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