Recommended Audible audiobooks

I’ve written before about my affection for Audible audiobooks. Now I’m putting together a list of books that I have read, along with summaries for each.

Below I started a list of audiobooks that I read, but I decided to move to a new table format, which you can view here. I’ve left the below list for historical purposes, and recommend you check out my updated recommended book list instead.

Currently reading – audible audiobooks

The Fountainhead

Sample audio clip: The purpose of Rand’s novels: the ideal human.

Author: Ayn Rand
Tags: fiction;
Summary. Portrayal of Rand’s ideal humans, and their morality.
Full review: Coming soon.

Previously read audible audiobooks

An Anthropologist on Mars

Author: Oliver Sacks
Tags: non-fiction; clinical; autism; neurological-disorders;
Summary: Fascinating clinical tales about the neurological disorders of Dr. Sacks’ patients.
Full review: Coming soon.

The Signal and the Noise

Author: Nate Silver
Tags: non-fiction; statistics; predictions; politics; earthquakes;
Summary: Prediction is really hard. And most people and machines are really bad at it.
Full review:

Napoleon: A Life

Author: Andrew Roberts
Tags: non-fiction; history; politics;
Summary: Napoleon thrived in an environment of confrontation.
Full review:

Leonardo and the Last Supper

Author: Ross King
Tags: non-fiction; art-history; Italy
Interesting Note: Leonardo, while a proficient canvas painter, did not use the right materials to preserve his famous giant wall painting of the Last Supper.
Full review: here