Surprises, questions and suggested things to do when visiting Nagoya, Japan

I really hadn’t done much research on Japan before going there for a quick visit. So lot’s of things caught me by surprise. Here’s a few surprises, questions and suggested things to do.

  1. Escalators: wait on left, walk on the right.
  2. Everyone is so polite. Don’t be scared to ask for help or directions.
  3. Get a haircut and a shave. It’s luxurious, a bit expensive, but the amazing head massage is worth it.
  4. Are you supposed to bring coffee on the subway? I was the only one
  5. Expensive coffee: A small cup and not very good = $7
  6. Stay in a hostel! Generally people are really happy to practice their English with you. And you get to hang out, drink and eat on the floor with Asians – which is actually pretty fun.
    Hostel friends
    Hostel friends

    I stayed a night at the Nagoya Guesthouse Otohaya. You should too.

    Nagoya Guest House

  7. Lot’s of places don’t speak much English. Hint: order food at a places with lot’s of pictures. Beer is pronounced “beer-roo”. Just like kangaroo.
  8. Get caffeine from vending machines! Vending machines have the most tasty caffeine drinks in them. It probably makes more sense to deal with your caffeine addiction here than in a restaurant.
  9. Safe: I got so lost so many times, wandered down some strange alleys, but never did I feel unsafe
  10. They put on great parties: tea, Japanese guitar, dancers, drumming

    MICCAI Welcome dinner
    Welcome dinner
  11. Go to Nagoya castle. I’m pretty sure everyone who goes here probably has this exact photo…
    Nagoya Castle
    Nagoya Castle

Really wish I took a few more days to go explore the city.

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