Theano – stack smashing error

I’ve been working on getting my laptop‘s Nvidia GPU working with Theano on Ubuntu 14.04. The whole process of getting the GPU to work has been a quite a learning experience… (but more on that later)

After installing Anaconda (which includes Theano!), I start Python from the Terminal:

$ python

Python starts up correctly. I then try to import the theano library…

>>> import theano

and Ubuntu freezes up 🙁

So I restart the machine and try again to run Python and import Theano, but get the following error message:

$ python
>>> import theano
*** stack smashing detected ***: python terminated
Aborted (core dumped)

I’m suspecting something got corrupted when theano was compiling the GPU functions. A quick google-search returns a related hit where someone else also suspects the compiled temporary cuda-related files are corrupted, and the person wonders where the tmp files are stored. No fix is provided.

I believe the Theano compiled temp files are found under:


So I navigate to (you might have a different folder name after ~./theano):

cd ~/.theano/compiledir_Linux-3.16.0-33-generic-x86_64-with-debian-jessie-sid-x86_64-2.7.9-64/

and with some slight nausea, blow all the files away in this folder…

$ rm * -r

Holding my breath, I start Python and try again to import Theano:

$ python
>>> import theano
Using gpu device 0: GeForce GTX 860M

Success! Yay 🙂