Unity3D – example online game

A few months ago, I romanticized about developing video games and spent an evening trying out Unity3D.

I have to say I’m pretty impressed. With zero prior experience using it and barely going through any sort of tutorials, in a couple of hours I managed to put together a little world to run around in!

Jer's World
An actual screenshot of the 3D world

Not only that, but I could painlessly upload it to the web and we can all run around in it. And… did I mention it’s free?

Check it out here.

You’ll be prompted to download the Unity3D plug-in if you haven’t already, but it’s worth trying out.

All you can do is jump (space key) and run around in it using your arrow keys and your mouse. To exit just close your tab. If you fall off the ledge, you’ll fall forever and need to refresh your browser to start over.

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